Wedding Timeline instruction is very excited to be your production team for the wedding day.
Our job is to createthe most beautiful film about wedding, that's why we ask you to read an instruction below. It will help us to get the best pictures and videos on the day of. advice
Wedding Day Timeline Helper
In order to get the best results and to capture the most beautiful pictures and videos please follow this instruction when you creating your wedding schedule.
Example of getting ready pictures

  1. Getting Ready pictures/videos- at least 1 hour ( for photographer and videographer)
  2. First look- 30 min ( for photographer and videographer)
  3. Romantic pictures+video at list 40 min ( for photographer and videographer)

IMPORTANT: if you didn't book photographer with please make sure that you have at list 20 minutes for our videographer to work on his own without the photographer.

In order to film our creative videos, we need to capture specific footage, believe me, the result will be worth it!

IMPORTANT: If you choose one of the packages which included a DRONE, please add 20 minutes to your schedule where drone videographer will work with you without any photographer/videographer on a side.

4. Family/bridal party photo set 50-60 min ( for photographer and videographer
5. Ceremony: please give us 10-15 minutes ( for photographer and videographer)to capture ceremony set up without any guest
6. SUNSET- the best pictures and videos you could have is taken 30 minutes before the sunset! PLEASE make sure you will include it in your wedding schedule and then we will guaranty breathtaking images. ( for photographer and videographer
7. Reception- please give us 10-15 minutes to capture the reception set up before the guests arrived. ( for photographer and videographer)

If you book PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE with , please create the Formal Pictures List and send us it no later than 1 week before the wedding.


Formal Pictures list example
Photo credits: Nicola Albertini

All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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