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Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Hummingbird Nest Ranch,
On June 2016 was a providing photography and videography services for a wedding at Hummingbird Ranch.
We had a chance to visit the venue a month prior the event and the event manager kindly showed us around and pointed the best locations for the photo session which was very helpful for our creative team.
On the day of the wedding a bride and a groom were getting ready in the separated villas on the territory- nice rustic interior gives us opportunity to make a beautiful shoots.

The venue is ideal for areal videography. The venue located in the Simi Valley and surround by beautiful mountains- a great background for the romantic photo session.
For the bridal party pictures we choose the green grass by the main Villa and the pictures turned out just amazing.
The reception set up was gorgeous- very elegant and and classy. All guests were just amazed by the sunset and we didn't missed out this opportunity and sneaked out with the bride and groom for the photo session as well.

We highly recommend Hummingbird Ranch for the wedding event and guarantee that you will have the most beautiful pictures and video from there. Looking forward to work there again

Hummingbird Nest Ranch,
Hummingbird Nest Ranch,
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