Michael's Tuscany Room

Wedding photography by HD studio

Wedding photographer and wedding videographer at Epona Estate

Michael's Tuscany Room:
mix of vintage and
modern elegance.
What a beautiful location for a wedding reception is Michael's Tuscany Room. HD Studio had a wedding event in the venue on May 2016 and then in December 2017.
We have only positive feedback about this beautiful location!
The hall made in classic Italian design with a very high sealing. Break and wood is always a winning mix when it come to design and photography background.

The hall is bright and spacious! The venue definitely could serve for a big wedding event.
We found some cute spots for the romantic pictures along with family portraits as well!

From our photography and videography opinion Michael's Tuscany Room is an ideal place for any indoor wedding reception for couples who like the mix of vintage and modern elegance.

HD Studio team is looking forward to work at this venue again!

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